Me , Myself and Them

So it’s time to meet me since so far you know about me as much as a priest about sex with someone his own height.

My name is Bartek short for Bartłomiej which is Bartholomew in english. I never liked my name so I stick to the short version. As some of you guessed by name I am Polish but I live in Ireland for last 12 years which is now more than half of my life. I left Poland when I was only ten so I am at the point where my English is better than my Polish language, I am fluent at both but have you seen the depths of Polish grammar? It should be on a list of tortures. I also learned Spanish for few years to a point where I could keep a decent conversation but I did not have a chance to use it in years so it’s all gone.

What content you can expect? good question because I don’t know yet myself. Some sure topics will probably be about cars, music, gaming, random facts and knowledge, even some gardening and of course pets, photography and adventures of me and my ladies as well as exploration of the dark corners of my mind and shards of my soul.

You probably wonder whats with the ladies or should I say my Lady and 2 bitches. I am not talking about polygamy, I meant my dogs, Cheeba and Luna which you will read a lot about if you plan to follow the blog. What about the lady, yes Paulina, my girlfriend soon to be fiance and then wife.

Did I mention we also have rats? Pet rats not the ones from the streets, to those who don’t know they are lovely funny and intelligent creatures. We have four all together 2 females Ciri and Triss as well as 2 males Geralt and Jaskier ( which translates to Butter cup and not Dandelion in the English version of The Witcher)

Yes as you see by the names we are both fans of the Witcher series, I am a lot more into it than Paulina and yet she gave them those names. I think that is enough for now and you will know more details in the following posts, also I don’t plan to talk about my life as if the world revolves around me, the goal is the allow you learn hopefully something new with every post, I will try to always squeeze in some fun facts , general knowledge or other wisdom in all my posts.


Author: Bartek D

Starting my first blog Penumbra. Read the introduction in the beginning to find out whats it all about and who am I.

2 thoughts on “Me , Myself and Them”

  1. Nice to see a fellow writer/gamer on here. Thanks for following me and cool names for your pets. The find Dandelion section of The Witcher 3 made me stop playing but the Bloody Baron was brilliant. I look forward to when I get a chance to spend some time having a proper look at your site.

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