Mystical Trumpets

Today I decided to combine in my post Gardening, Science and potential life saving advice or motivation to get you high as a kite depending on your common sense.

I was compiling a list of various hallucinogenic and mind altering plants but before I make that post I wanted to focus on 2 of them and see if anyone at all is interested. There is about 50 I found and that’s without going into their families or strains.

So why the mystical trumpets? That’s because one of the plants is commonly called Angels Trumpet and the other is often called Devils Trumpet hence the mystical.

Lets start with the angel trumpet which I had to research and then move to devils trumpet which I know a bit more personally then just from the internet.

Burgmansia – Known as the Angels Trumpet is a large shrub or a small tree whatever you like to call it coming from the Solanaceae family.

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As you can see it looks beautiful and is often used as an ornamental plant in gardens even though it is on the red list of extinct plants. Many people are not aware what this plant can do. The name comes from the pendulous flowers it has. They come in shades of white, yellow, pink, orange, green, and red. Most have a strong, pleasing fragrance that is most noticeable in the evening like with many other plants. I’m sure your inner Pinkman is anxious now so let’s get to the effects.

All parts of this plant are toxic especially seed and leaves so if you were touching this plant and then you accidentally rubbed your eyes, well get ready for a nasty trip. Yes that is enough to get you high. What can you expect after consumption? Apart from seeing wild shit, howling at the moon and beating down the cops that come to arrest you because you will get aggressive here are some medical effects; Headache, dry skin, dry mouth, dilated pupils, cycloplegia which paralyses certain muscle in your eyes and causes your pupils to stay dilated regardless of light intensity, increased heart rate, diarrhea, confusion, visual and auditory hallucinations paralyses of soft muscles and death. Are you tempted to try it? Most accounts if not all were described as Terrifying rather than pleasurable.  To give you a better idea I allowed myself to copy an extract from an account made by Swiss naturalist and explorer Johann von Tschudi on an individual who ingested Burgmansia.

“Soon after, the man fell into a dull brooding, he stared vacantly at the ground, his mouth was closed firmly, almost convulsively and his nostrils were flared. Cold sweat covered his forehead. He was deathly pale. The jugular veins on his throat were swollen as large as a finger and he was wheezing as his chest rose and sank slowly. His arms hung down stiffly by his body. Then his eyes misted over and filled with huge tears and his lips twitched convulsively for a brief moment. His carotids were visibly beating, his respiration increased and his extremities twitched and shuddered of their own accord. This condition would have lasted about a quarter of an hour, then all these actions increased in intensity. His eyes were now dry but had become bright red and rolled about wildly in their sockets and all his facial muscles were horribly distorted. A thick white foam leaked out between his half open lips. The pulses on his forehead and throat were beating too fast to be counted. His breathing was short, extraordinarily fast and did not seem to lift the chest, which was visibly fibrillating. A mass of sticky sweat covered his whole body which continued to be shaken by the most dreadful convulsions. His limbs were hideously contorted. He alternated between murmuring quietly and incomprehensibly and uttering loud, heart-rending shrieks, howling dully and moaning and groaning.”

While another person made tea from it which is a common practice, just after one cup amputated his penis and tongue. So next time you will see this plant will you lick the leaves or keep your distance?

Datura – Has gathered more names over the time, you may know it as Devils Trumpet, Moonflowers, Jimsonweed, Devil’s weed, Hell’s Bells and Thorn-apple. Despite these names made to warn people, many like to try it but never twice.

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It is also an ornamental plant and looking at the fruits I think it was growing in our small garden back in Poland and if I’m wrong it was definitely growing around town.

This plant is very toxic and highly dangerous with its strength depending on age location and whether but even the so-called weak strains can easily kill you. Sadly some time ago there was a trend between teenagers to eat it and see what happens, hopefully it’s gone now. Due to high concentration of tropane alkaloids and anticholinergic substances it contains, it makes it impossible for the person to differentiate fantasy from reality. Sounds cool doesn’t it? but would something that gets its name from the devil give you pleasure? have a think. So when you are running around town thinking it’s fairy land or hell, dealers choice, you are unaware your pupils are getting extremely dilated and will suffer from photophobia for several days, your heart is beating like crazy and you are going into hyperthermia and your body overheats while often behaving bizarre or violently with possible amnesia. Also the effects last from 24-36hrs. Children are more vulnerable to poisoning from it than adults and like me they like to play with its fruits, while sometimes bees can collect nectar from its flowers poisoning everyone who eats their honey. Maybe that’s why I often seen ghosts in the building opposite of mine when I was a child.

Abuse of Cocaine, Amphetamines, Ecstasy and Related Drugs, Few substances have received as many severely negative recreational experience reports as Datura. Majority found their experiences extremely unpleasant both mentally and physically. I have never tried it and never will intentionally but a person I hold dear gave into that trend long time ago and seeing him suffer the effects from it has burnt in my mind listening to him talking with imaginary people, seeing his mother crying and hitting him hoping to snap out of it while he just laughed was heartbreaking.

Tell me if anyone would like a longer list of mind altering plants maybe you have some in your garden and don’t know their properties like Salvia or Morning Glory. And remember trumpets are bad for you even brass if people can’t play them.

Author: Bartek D

Starting my first blog Penumbra. Read the introduction in the beginning to find out whats it all about and who am I.

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