God is a c**t

Most of us believe in god but I think we should find something better to believe in. I mean do you know a bigger asshole? Even my mother in law is nicer than him/it.

“But he is almighty he created earth” – bullshit

If he is out there he is cruel and selfish you know that. He can’t care about people, otherwise world wouldn’t look like it does.

Some of you probably think I shouldn’t be saying it, that i should be thankful for my life. I am thankful, I thank my mother for my life and I thank my father for the quality of it and all the joys I can experience. I don’t thank god for that , do you think he just sits there and decides that you are going to be poor and suffer all your life while you will be filthy rich and have everything. Doesn’t that seem kind and loving of him.

We all had that moment when we doubted or hated god at some point, for example my grandfather died in a way no man deserves to. And to this day it makes my blood boil as well as puts a tear in my eye. Of course he doesn’t give a shit about it.

He is nothing like people portray him to be. If he was than he would do something good, wouldn’t let child molesters to be priests , he wouldn’t let churches and religion to become the most profitable organisations. I don’t need to mention wars and poverty. Maybe I’ll put it differently, did you know that documented number of people killed in the name of religion in estimate of course is 195,035,000 deaths. And for what? For a being which doesn’t care who you are? After all we killed his son.

I’ll cut short not to bore you.

I’m not saying that everything is a lie that there is no heaven etc. I know that angels walk on the earth, I was born from one and plan to marry another one.

End point being that god is a cunt or dead, no difference. And god, if I’ll go to hell for blasphemy I will make some pact and stomp your face in.

Or maybe someone already did 😉

Author: Bartek D

Starting my first blog Penumbra. Read the introduction in the beginning to find out whats it all about and who am I.

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