Destination Unknown (Part 7)

Part 1 is here, rest is linked on my blog. Ennis I am sorry for cutting in before you I was bored so I wrote this.

With the attacker’s last swing he stuck the axe in the wall which blocked a blade that was meant to cut at neck height. Fortunately, my grandfather never made anything easy for family or foe alike. I don’t know who he wanted protection against but another blade shot out of the wall so fast that I only noticed when his legs came right off the second after. As if that wasn’t enough, from the frame of the mirror sprayed some sort of acid which filled the corridor with a horrible stench of burned skin. Looking at this horrible scene I thought this man doesn’t deserve it, nor can he tell anyone about what he saw, I need to finish him off. After a quick check of what’s at hand, I saw that the sword was thrown outside the mirror as well. The corridor was too tight for a wide swing so a push will have to do.

“What the hell is going on up there? is that James shouting?” asked Ann

Shit shit shit what now? “I’m coming down, wait!” how will I explain this mess?

I had to end his shouts of pain so I pushed the sword into hopefully his heart, wet crunching sound did silence him indeed. Before I pulled out the sword a trap door in the floor opened swallowing James and the sword. As soon as his body landed on a pile of bones the floor was whole again. “Jesus grandpa…”

Going down the stairs my head was in vertigo thinking what will I say next.

“What’s going on? wait.. is that blood? where is James, what did you do?” her each word sounded more hysterically.

“Ann… there was an accident… fuck there is no way to explain it” I said.

“What happened?” she asked slowly.

“Somehow he got up there, he had a knife and was already bleeding. He must have hurt himself because he was shouting nonsense, then he attacked me and I defended myself.”

“Oh god.. it was him shouting no more starjumps.”

“Yes, just as he said it he slit his throat and fell through a trap door in the floor which I don’t know how to open or where his body is.” I spilled as fast as I could before she could interrupt me.

“What the fuck are you talking about.” tears started flowing down her cheeks

“I know how it sounds but that’s the truth, I’m sorry Anna.”

“Asshole, I told him to not go off his meds…”

“I’m sorry, I know how you feel.”

“HOW THE FUCK COULD YOU KNOW HOW I FEEL RIGHT NOW!” Her eyes were consumed by an inferno of rage.

Ignoring her rage I proceeded to tell her what not many people knew about me. “Once I did have a partner, a beautiful bookworm with red hair. Her name was Olivia, we dated for a year and a half, after which we moved in together. For the next year our relationship was a dream, and that dream ensured me I wanted to marry her. I still see her face, she told me she is pregnant. I had everything, a house, beautiful woman and now a child, so I decided to make her happier and to propose later that day. We decided to celebrate with a day off work, wine and sunbathing in the garden. I knew she won’t drink now but I needed more courage so, after some I dozed off in the sun. I was awoken by the thud of the book she dropped. I went for the ring in my pocket and she must have realised what is happening because she stared at me, mouth slightly apart, eyes watering. This made me nervous so my slight spilled over the floor like marbles while I went with my practised speech. When I finished talking I looked at her to see her face purple and with tears, not moving. The thud that woke me wasn’t the book but a roof tile which fell hitting Olivia in the back of the neck severing her spinal cord. She was laying beside me paralysed not able to breathe while I was fucking talking how much I loved her. When I realised what happened it was too late, So I know how you feel.”

At this point, the fire in her eyes was extinguished by the river of sadness that came from my eyes.

“Mithra… I am sorry… I need to clear my head… I..I..I need to go” said Ann storming off through the front door

I didn’t try to stop her there was already too much to explain upstairs. I made my way up feeling the symbols on the rail to make sure I don’t end up like James. At the top, I noticed a new symbol was being formed on its own. “what the fuck..” is the mirror using people as power? Maybe Agatha will know what the new symbol means.

> Parts: 2 3456

Hey guys I am reading all the comments on all blogs and would like to thank you all for the positive feedback. You all made a good point of setting a limit on the parts otherwise we will make a book. Like you said 20 seems like good maximum. I want to give everyone at least 2 parts, that will result in 12 or 14 parts which is a lot, If we won’t be reaching the end by then we might be in trouble. When we are done I intend to do a similar challenge but with defined rules etc to make it even better, on a specific page for it.

Author: Bartek D

Starting my first blog Penumbra. Read the introduction in the beginning to find out whats it all about and who am I.

37 thoughts on “Destination Unknown (Part 7)”

  1. oh f******* I want the same for the next part but unable to fetch the word …. thank you 🙂 … I have question… have you ever read Lirael by Grath Nix.. if not, do read please…. so now I’m picking up from here,
    as you said each person will do 2 parts so we should decide, now who would give away the secret or dream interpretation coz we are just 5 parts away from our short story challenge

    Liked by 3 people

    1. I have not read it but I will when time allows. at least 2 parts each, there is a chance someone else will join, hopefully it won’t go over 20, if nobody joins than maybe we will give everyone 3 parts.

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Thank you, initially it was meant for the first part as I didn’t know where it will go and thought everyone will give each part an individual title but I think it is better this way

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  2. Impressive follow on, it added a bit about the characters and plot plus you made the trap interesting.
    I’m up for doing more if I am getting another turn at some point but I’d rather not do the big reveal about what’s going on.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. If it took off it would be a boost for all of us. There would certainly need to be some editing to streamline and tie everyone’s writing style together.
        Do each leg of the story as it’s own chapter and credit each author for the part they wrote. Most of the big name authors use a team of ghost writers anyway.

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      2. Who knows maybe we could make another challenge more lengthy and organised until it turns into a small book, I doubt it would be profitable but we could at least make it enjoyable for people

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      1. That’s a nice idea to make your own photos, BTW I’m not sure if it showed in your notifications but I nominated you all for an award that’s going around, just a small thank you to all of you.

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      2. I will answer the questions but I don’t really tag anyone else. I am working on a way to do shout outs and promote other bloggers about once a month. I have to work on the details and it’s probably going to the end of March before I can start it.

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  3. Generate QR codes for each author at the end of their segments. If like this author then please visit them. Load it up to Amazon etc. As a 99 cent download and write it off as advertising. Some of my wife’s books are free to Amazon prime members. We still a credit based on download or how many pages were read. It costs us nothing to load it up to Amazon (I think) . The only thing that I can see losing is time.

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  4. I know its your challenge and i’m just putting another challenge into it, but now as we have already completed the 8 chapters of our short story I wanna mold it in perfect glass. If you are not agree then please do comment down or if you have any suggestion then please let me know
    I wanna twist it a little bit by giving challenge into a challenge. So I’m asking to the next writer to write about the  history or background of Mithra’s family

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    1. That’s a cool idea I’m all for it. In my first post I was thinking of using the same Mithra as from my post called ‘would you read it’ but he might not be suitable. Whoever wants to should give him a nice story

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      1. Ireland, we got a snow storm and the whole country is in panic putting on national Red alerts and closing all shops etc but of course I have to work haha. I’m from Poland so that amount of snow doesn’t bother me at all

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      2. I’ve never see snow in my life… I’m from Jaipur, Rajasthan – The desert state of India.. yeah but we don’t have desert in Jaipur…. Whole Rajasthan is divided into two parts by Aravali hills, so desert is on another side. 😉
        But Snow I wanna play w snow balls..

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  5. Wow this is awesome Bartek! Great choice of photo and the plot is exciting! I’m still down to do one more part, my pleasure ofcourse. Just let me know. And btw, kudos to you and to everyone else who participated in this fun challenge!

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