At night, I am everywhere and nowhere.

Flooding the streets, towns and countries with my essence.

I brush your soft cheeks as you walk through the moonlight.

Unknowingly walking with you avoiding the street lamps.

During the day I hide behind buildings, trees and street curbs.

Peeking around the corners to keep my eyes on you.

Occasionally I sneak inside your house and hide under your bed just to be with you.

Now I have stopped hiding yet you look at me indifferently.

Not bothered to even know my name even though I was always with you.

You think I am just a shadow, but I am something in between.


Author: Bartek D

Starting my first blog Penumbra. Read the introduction in the beginning to find out whats it all about and who am I.

13 thoughts on “Penumbra”

  1. Heyyy! You got real talent right there huh. I super loved this. Reminds me of this girl i met in University (who claims she has a sixth sense) who told me she was terrified when she first saw me bcos there’s a guy who’s always with me, that she thinks likes/have a crush on me, like an angel or ghost or something, that I obviously couldn’t see. It scared me back then but all these years I figured that he’s always been saving me.

    “You think I am just a shadow, but I am something in between.” Whatever is in between, it sounds like a beautiful thing. 😉

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    1. Thank you very much. What’s amazing is that I wrote it as an alternative definition of the word penumbra and other people show me different deeper meanings. I would be scared if she told me that. Did you figure out who could it be or was she messing with you?

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      1. Btw, I honestly love your blog’s name. Penumbra is even ideal for a book title. Haha anyway, she was the cousin of one of my closest friends in University and my friend told me she really does see things, so I was initially scared but I looked at it positively instead. I figured maybe he was just an angel, if he really is always beside me, I’m grateful for him. I consider him a good omen, like a knight who saves me from bad people or bad things hehe.

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  2. Thank you, its interesting, good that you have something to protect you. Actually you are right penumbra might just be the right name for a book I was thinking of thanks


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