Destination Unknown (Part 10)


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So I froze, unable to comprehend how my parents could be there but also not there. I turned to the mirror and the image changed.

Mesmerised, I let go of Ann and stood, watching as the past was revealed to me.

“Alright James, all we want you to do is swallow this pill that’s called Mystermianango which is an experimental drug designed specially for your condition. We can’t guarantee that it will work but we have to try.”

“He did it. Oh yes, he did. He silenced the voices. Now Mr Mango is all I need. I LOVE YOU MR MANGO! Thank you doctor, it was a struggle trying to regain control but now I’ve managed it.”

“And are you alright with the way you’ve been treated? Not offended or harmed in any way?”

“I’m not happy that they’ve put…

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Author: Bartek D

Starting my first blog Penumbra. Read the introduction in the beginning to find out whats it all about and who am I.

6 thoughts on “Destination Unknown (Part 10)”

    1. Yes there will be part 11 if you will do it and then I think I will end this challenge and work on a better one as I haven’t expected this to work at tall so hopefully next will be better. Now, I have an idea how to end it in what I consider a cool way but if you feel like you are able to end it somehow you can do it.

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      1. Oh ok that’s not a problem. Than I will take part 11 which will be the last one. Part 10 caused a lot of confusion that I could use for the ending and put a twist on everyone taking part in it.

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