My cabin

If you are looking for some self-distance I have a house on the hill, high on the mountains inside a dense forest. Dead oak beside it which leaves you can only see in the water reflection of the pond below. Falling leaves turn into koi that disperse into star dust whenever the water surface is disrupted. Looking through the flying dust you can see the trees real image. Never all of it as the tree although dead never dies enough to produce sufficient koi. Legend has it that if you catch the ethereal koi without disrupting the water it will grant you a wish. And if you catch a falling leaf before it hits the reflection you will see a mockery of your future that will alter your life in a way only known to you. Behind the house is a garden, as always, as in any story, a garden, and in that garden a fountain. From the fountain runs crystal water that at midnight turns into poetry, words flow from it forming poems and sonnets that will inspire any witness. Some say that during the day the water is just like Odin’s mead of poetry and not the bad one if you know what I mean. The garden itself is flourishing and enticing but don’t be fooled, it consists only of beautiful but deadly members of the nightshade family. To find the fountain you need to push the stunning angel trumpets out of your way to find it surrounded by wolfsbane. I wonder if that’s why there are so many bones outside my premises. Step inside my small log cabin and you will enter a room bigger than you have ever seen. Inside that room a bal is taking place, a masquerade, never ending bacchanal. Every guest is wearing a mask and so must you if you wish to participate. The wall on your left is full of masks of animals and monstrous things similar, but choose wisely as you will become whatever you chosen for the night. After you decide what to wear a man in a tuxedo with a fox head will approach you offering a drink. Refuse the offer politely or the night will end immediately, if you decide to talk to him you will see he is not wearing a mask at all. Step between the guest and you will be swept away by the music that fills the room, music that is played by instruments yet nobody around them. You will dance tirelessly feeling only joy, you will dance until the sound of the obsidian clock fill the room striking midnight. The fox headed man will find you again to offer only once a chance to return home without any consequences. The night just started so what will be your choice? If you stay the mask will start to change you to whatever avatar you have chosen. While that happens you will be struck by a vision, a perfectly clear vision of your future, I only hope you come to peace with what you saw because after that night, try as hard as you mighty, you can not change what you have seen. The party will then resume to a different tune and the cheerful laughter will be replaced by howls, growls squeeks and quacks. Do you regret your choice? Will you be safe or fall prey to those who can’t control their emotions? At dawn you will be human again without the memory of transformation but one aspect of the avatars behaviour from night before. At the door I will just wish you a pleasant day and you will pay no mind to my presence throughout the whole stay. It will not be said, but you will know it’s time to leave, yet if you wish I will let you linger for a chance with the koi fish. Will you keep the mask? If you do it will let you remember this place and return. Were you smart enough to not drink from the fountain? If not I just hope you make it past the gate before you drop dead. I guess the tree might have saved you if were smart.

Hello readers, I am curious what were the first things that came to mind when you were reading. What was the first mask in your mind before you found out you will become it and your life could depend on it? Did you take the drink? Have you kept the mask? And will you make it out alive? Alas will you return? You don’t have to comment the answers but I would appreciate it.

Author: Bartek D

Starting my first blog Penumbra. Read the introduction in the beginning to find out whats it all about and who am I.

11 thoughts on “My cabin”

  1. This is enigmatically thought-provoking! If I were to pick a mask, I would pick a horse so I could acquire its energetic, optimistic and passionate quality. I wouldn’t accept the guy with a fox head’s offer to go back because it could be a trap, eh? I would stay there to see what my future looks like, whether be it good or not, because I’m already there so why back out? The night just started and adventure has just begun! With the horse’s quick nature, I will run as fast as I could to come out alive.

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      1. That’s cool, I don’t know much about the Chinese calendar but I will look into it. By the way I am the one who should be sorry for being late so you don’t worry about it. And I’m not sure about continuing this story I have not planned it but I might do something in the future. I have about 5 posts written half way that I need to find time to finish.

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      2. It’s alright no worries. That’s still good tho, makes me feel bad now that I haven’t written anything for the past two weeks ugh. What’s your birth year so I could tell you your animal sign?

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      3. You shouldn’t feel bad, some of my stories sit there for a long time, hell I even have a post that was meant to be my first on this blog but I was worried about offend religious people back then. My birthday is 31/01/1995.

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  2. Aahh this is brilliant !!! well at first i thought kf a cat mask, and tbh i wouldn’t mind becoming a cat but as i read further. It’s actually a bit sinister to continue to keep the mask on. Who knows if curiosity killed the cat might actually come true ? Either way knowing me I would try to stay for a s long as i could while keeping things safe and alive. Also would not want to know my future at all. It’s rather fun to be surprised by life everyday😊

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