I’ve had a dream, your face surreal, shapes angles and complexions moulded into perfection by the one who abandoned us all. A glint in the iris sharper than a blade, one glance can turn you into an ice sculpture, melt the rock in your chest and even change seasons.

Vocal cords tuned by some mysterious virtuoso which resonate like a sirens call on a stage of an old-time jazz bar. Entrancing, intoxicating, seeping through every fibre of my being. Always followed by obsidian locks that dance around your face clearly infused with magic. May that magic shield you from inevitable stares of jealousy for years to come.

Crossed my path in flight, caught only a glimpse and chased after your shadow with the hope of keeping up but all I saw was the shadow and the night came quickly to take it away. I was lost without a sense of direction unable to find nor establish a connection.

Years later I found out that I wasn’t the only one searching, hoping to cross paths again. Then you came out like a ray of sun after the storm that runs out of rain which takes away all our warmth.

You threw a spell on me and I was too weak to deflect it, I was yours but you weren’t mine. Being no match to your power I gave you my heart in hope this sacrifice will be enough to make you mine. Turns out removing your heart will kill you and now I came back as a different man, and every time we talk I feel pain, from the constant smile on my face.

Now I wish I didn’t have to wake up.

Author: Bartek D

Starting my first blog Penumbra. Read the introduction in the beginning to find out whats it all about and who am I.

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