So why the odd name Penumbra? I like to think the meaning will be fitting to what this blog hopefully will become. Penumbra – partial shadow between perfect darkness and full illumination during an eclipse for example or any object you shine a light on, that is the technical term. We all like a shroud of mystery so I wonder what will come out of the shadows and where will my mind wander more often to the dark places or towards the light?. I am a fan of written word and like to write but never did it as much as I would like to.  So the “pen” in umbra is somewhat of a pun.  Also my amazing girlfriend likes to say “There is beauty in the darkness” so I hope she will like the title as I plan to post a lot of her pictures as she is a wonderful  photographer and an aspiring painter.

So this a short introduction to my blog, next post will be about me and after that we will find out if I’m fit to keep a blog alive and interesting. Also, big favor to all the readers , writers, grammar nazis and anyone that has something to say I will appreciate any kind of feedback because what are we here for if not to improve in all aspects of our lives.