The Blood Princess 

This is a short story produced fully by my girlfriend Paulina P.  I wanted to state clearly it is her work, she did it for an assignment from school so it is not plagiarism from her side I just post it here with her permission. Notes to consider, it was written in one night and she doesn’t normally write. If anyone has an opinion leave it in the comments and I’m sure she will appreciate it also it will make more sense if you watched “Preacher” and “Originals” tv series.


     Sitting on a large bed in their magnificent penthouse which looks over the entire city of Rome Alexandra focused her gaze on Isaac’s blue, almost angel like eyes deep in thought. She was going over the recent events that brought them here thinking she is lucky to have him and forced herself to think that all the fighting and running together with the tragedies is over, that she is at the happy end now about to start a new life. Not knowing that the past will haunt her forever whether it’s in her dreams or another assassin from the organisation she ran from.

“Why didn’t you tell me what you are in the first place, why all the secrets?” asked Isaac.

“I’m surprised you didn’t figure it out on your own, I was certain angels have more insight into humans. I didn’t tell you because the first time I saw you I think I fell in love, laugh if you want but I knew I wanted to know you and I did not want our races to be an obstacle. Maybe you would just rather I jumped at your throat” explained Alexandra.

“I did not figure you out because I lost my powers when I fell, I never knew that descent to earth without authorization ends so bad, In the fall my wings burned I lost some of my powers and I am stuck in this body. If that’s not enough I was trained all my life to kill your kind.”

“Oh what a mess we got ourselves into, an angel chased by heaven for running away meets a vampire princess who also ran away, stereotypically they should kill each other on sight but they fall in love and are haunted down because every single thing about them is wrong, what a cliché.” sighed Alexandra.

“Yeah tell me about it, how about we watch some romance movie so we find the ending to our story” laughed Isaac.

“No, we will do what we were born for, we will kill everyone until all this nonsense stops.” hissed Alexandra in a blood chilling voice “Unless it’s a Quentin Tarantino movie” she grinned. “Isaac, I am tired of running, it needs to end soon one way or another.” 

“What do you intend to do my lady?” asked Isaac with a lot of curiosity “I don’t know yet, we will think of something in the morning” she lied knowing full well what she will do starting tomorrow.

In the morning Alexandra got up together with the rising sun, after all vampires didn’t need sleep and she did it sometimes to try feel normal, also in contradiction to common belief vampires did not burn in the sun although young vampires were significantly weakened by it. Using the fact that Isaac is asleep she went to the bathroom to make a phone call to a number named Cassidy and after a bit of waiting she got an answer with a man saying hello in a raspy voice.

“Cassidy, it’s Alexandra I have few question I hoped you could help me with” she said.

“Alex! you crazy devil, what do I owe the pleasure to hear from you?” replied Cassidy in now a lot more cheerful voice and strong Irish accent.

“Like I said, I hoped for your help. Are you still friend with those two angels and that Jesse preacher fella?” asked Alexandra.

“Oh you know me, I am everybody’s best friend whether they like it or not.”

“That’s good news, so angels, most of the are quickly reborn when killed and from what I know you guys experimented a bit with that. Do you know maybe how many sleeping pill can I give to an angel without killing him?” asked nervously Alexandra.

“Lucky for you I’m with them. Fiore grab the sleeping pills from the bathroom and eat them all, I need to know how much kills an angel.” she heard Cassidy talk to someone else in the room. Then she heard the unknown voice reply to Cassidy saying “anything over 25 pills will kill him, I sometimes do it to DeBlanc when I want some time alone.”

“Did you get that love? 25 but personally I recommend cutting off all the limbs and stitching up the mouth, works like a charm can’t hurt you and can’t die and resurrect.” offered Cassidy.

“I can’t, I love him I just need him to stay safe and not interrupt my plan for few days.”

“Oh snap, you and an angel? didn’t see that coming. Wait, than it must be you everyone is hunting for sacrilege, sounds like a lot of trouble. What do you plan to do?” said Cassidy.

“To cut off the head of a snake, I will kill everyone who tries to stop me from being with him, every angel and even my family if I must.” explained Alexandra in emotionless voice while counting the pills.

“As ambitious and skilled you are, you will never kill all the angels it’s like whack-a-mole with them. Because of our friendship I will let you in on a secret, Jesse turned put to be a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. He poses a power from heaven, obviously he shouldn’t so everyone is trying to desperately return. Anyway he has power to compel anyone into anything like we can do with humans, yet for him there are no limits. He can compel any living creature and it’s literal and instant and that includes angels. What I’m trying to say I will ask him to make all the angels forget about you and your feathery friend” tried to explain Cassidy.

“Sounds ridiculous but I trust you, that would save a lot of blood shed and my perfect nails” grinned Alexandra. She ended the call and proceeded to the kitchen to make breakfast for her future husband, and in case Cassidy was wrong she threw 20 sleeping pills into the breakfast smoothie.

Alexandra was more than surprised to find out that the Irish vampire and the American preacher pull through with their offer and it must have worked because Isaac fell unconscious in the middle of the day and woke up not knowing his name or his tasks from heaven. Yet it was not over yet and she knew it, of course the lack of attacks from the feathery side was good news, there was still the matter of her family and her mother who would rather lose a child instead of breaking the tradition. And that’s what happened earlier than she thought as Alexandra was never truly loved by her mother and it drove them apart for years.

Despite the fact Alexandra mostly hated her mother for opposing everything she does especially Isaac she made a decision that will haunt her dreams forever. Knowing well that the stubborn mother will never give up disrupting their life and sending her minions to try to eliminate Issac she knew she has to die. The problem was she was that nobody can approach the vampire royalty just like that so Alexandra knew that the fatal blow has to be from her hand as nobody questions family meetings especially if they are royal and nobody is above them in hierarchy.

The next day Isaac was still asleep as if in a medically induced coma. Alexandra decided to make a quick trip to Sicily where her mother resided in a mansion looking over Mount Etna which also happened to be Alexandra’s place of birth at the very top of the volcano few hundred years ago. Upon her arrival numerous servants and security detail members bowed their heads when she passed by in respect. Nobody even dared to suspect a princess of malicious intent. After a bit of wandering in the mansion she found her mother in the dining room drinking blood from a martini glass.

“Well, well I’m surprised to see you here. Where is that feathery rat of yours?” asked her mother.

“He is not here, after he figured out I’m a vampire he went berserk trying to kill me so I defended myself. It’s a shame he had to die, I really started to get fillings for him. But did you know that angel blood gives an amazing feeling, I’ve never felt so good.” she lied partially.

“It is quiet exquisite and rare, I haven’t drank angel blood in years. Anyway now that this ridiculous situation is over I hope we can return to normal.” the mother wondered while sipping her red martini.

“Yes mother, I am sorry for everything, you were right that this relationship could never be, and for that I brought you some of his blood as an apology.” confirmed Alexandra while pulling out a crystal flask with red liquid.

“Oh my…” she gasped after smelling the scent, she quickly turned the flack and her eyes widened with joy.

Alexandra stepped closer to her and said “After all my sins and wrong doings I wanted for you to be happy in your last moment of life”.

Before her mother could react Alexandra slid out two daggers from her leather jacket sleeves. She took a rough swing with her right hand to the side cracking a rib upon the entry and puncturing the lung while the left hand plunged the dagger straight into the heart. The room was filled with an agonizing scream, Alexandra pulled her mother close so she can whisper last words into her ear. “I hope you feel like I did all this time. By the way the that dagger in your heart is partially made of the white oak, This time you will die so say hi to dad in hell.”

Now days Alexandra and Isaac are learning to live a normal life, like the rest of the planet and it is easy for Isaac as he knows nothing of what happened since the time he was drugged by Alexandra. Unfortunately for Alexandra it was not easy to be normal as every time she closed her eyes she saw the face of her mother with tears in her eyes, and every time she was alone she could swear she can hear screams of pain that came from her mother in her last moments. It is a secret that she will take to grave.

Written by Paulina.

Saint Anger

Like a volcano I tremble and shake before the steaming hot in saint anger of my long melted core of a soul. Trying to regain, rebuild it and release it, to be able to spread my wings again. Ruled by those above, their unfairness makes me unstable wanting to erupt too often. Yet I know that this would only show I am weak as well I would burn those around me which I don’t intend to.

Keeping this anger on a leash takes great effort and from time to time it hinders pieces of the soul and corrupts your mind to agree with it. So what stops it all? Is it a girl in my heart or something else?

It is in my nature to suppress all the negative. This ball of suppressed emotions black in colour is bigger than my soul, yet I manage to roll it safely along my path but how long before it gets out of control?

Writing to set him free.

I was just getting Paulina ready for her first day in school tomorrow. She is doing an Animal Care course and I am very proud of her.  Gathering the necessary stuff I came across an old notebook where I found some of my writing from exactly 4 years ago and I wanted to share and see If my way of writing is changing over time.

A writer is what I wish to become. Unprepared on the path of ink I walk. Unaware of struggles and downfalls, for which I do not care as it is for me and not you. If I am destined to be bad then let it be. I am writing not for the reader but for the joy and most of all to set my soul free and be at ease. For which I can not speak about what poisons my mind and soul as the combination to such abilities has been taken away from me long time ago. Therefore I allow my soul to take over and guide the hand holding the pen, and let out this black river of words onto the paper. The only way I know how to truly express myself.

As soon as the ink connects with the paper another side of me wakes up. The one which was suppressed and silenced for too long. Now it is time to say what it was not allowed, to express its feelings, sorrows and emotions. This other side of me which I cherish yet don’t know how to connect with it any other way but to write. The ridiculous and the sublime. The ridiculous is how long I struggle to reach it, the sublime what it has to say. The person inside of me locked away at whom I may only look at as if behind metal bars. All alone, he sits there gathering his thoughts waiting for the moment in which he can convert therm into ink. When he takes over control his passion to express himself is too powerful for my body to stop. The stranger inside me shares his stories with me and I share mine with him. The only one who does not judge or comments when tears fall onto the pages. He shows support for he lived through the same. Soon enough I will unlock his cage set him free to let him be me and me be him for we are one and contaminate the mind of others with our ink if it will be destined. If not then we will forge our own destiny and walk our own path so he may share his story with you.

Sleep Paralysis

I wanted to write a post on sleep paralysis but after reading this beautiful description I just decided to repost this from Zairron Plaguestrider at have a read and subscribe to him.

You wake in the midnight darkness of your room, adrenaline flush in your system from the terror of your nightmare riddled sleep. You struggle to open your eyes but the leaden veil of sleep lays oppressively heavy crushing the strength from your body leaving you empty. Unbidden the thought arises that you have been restrained or drugged, the image assaulting you with waves of frustration and panic. Inhaling as deeply as you can manage, fighting to maintain calm, the feeling of weight on your chest is preventing you from taking a complete breath. With each failed attempt to regain some sense of control in your own body you are left feeling more helpless, your eyes grow hot with tears which well up but even they lack the strength to flow.

It feels like you’re trapped in the prison made from your own body for hours, though in the silence and dark you have no sense of the passage of time. After the longest time you swear you feel a twitch in your fingers and you realise that at some point your eyes had managed to partially open without your noticing. Emboldened you struggle again without success before surrendering to the futility once more.
Beyond the door a nearly inaudible creak pierces your heart with an icy shard of terror. You imagine that there is someone in your home, here where you should be alone, as you are unable to move and utterly helpless. Another creak, closer this time, and louder. You fight with every fibre of your soul, pleading and crying within your own mind to the implacable indifference of your body. Betrayal, more painful for its source. Fear, discomfort and emptiness, define your being. Just beyond your door you feel the presence come to a pause, the subtle shift in the floorboards, in the air pressure, all the more obvious in the utter isolation of the night.

The door creaks, gently. So soft and subtle that it almost could be your imagination. From the corner of your barely opened eyes you can see it drifting open, the glacial momentum every bit as imperceptible as the sound. Surreal and dreamlike, if you can’t move your, you wish at least you could close your eyes again, or look away, anything to escape the indescribable horror you feel just out of sight. A single hot tear streams down the side of your face.
You watch the door as it creeps agonisingly open with steadily building anxiety growing in your chest, seeking to burst from your throat but unable to form a whisper, let alone a scream. A hint of movement stirs in the shadows that surround the door, almost completely open now, only the complete darkness prevents you from seeing it. The shadows undulate in rhythmic motions, growing steadily as they approach the foot of your bed.

A heavy imprint pushes down on the mattress. You feel the weight on your feet as it climbs with the same unrelentingly slowness that opened the door. A flicker of something in a sliver of moonlight that peaks through the window, what could have been a hand or a claw appears for only a second before being lost to the shadow once more. The weight had crested your legs, the all unthinkable nature of what is happening to you blurs the sensations into a storm of abject terror, culminating with the mass comes to rest upon your chest. You cannot breath, hyperventilation and the asphyxiation crush strangle you and you feel spots appear in your vision one by one blacking out even the faintest traces of light. In the last moment of fading vision you witness a face approaching you, the hideous grin and foul breath sparks with in you the will to battle one last time to throw off this paralysis. Screaming and thrashing in your mind, you feel a twitch in your fingers, heat flowing upwards from them enters your chest and shatters the spike impaling your heart and with a scream you tear yourself from the mattress and…

It is morning. Drenched in sweat and dizzy from your rapid breaths, you look around. The door to your room is closed, the light shins thinly through the cracks in your curtains and you are alone. The tears finally come and your sob bitterly in your bed.