Silent Storm

Like a unicorn dancing in the night concealed in the shadows of the stars. Deceiving as lakes surface, you can drown in the depth of the eyes. A shadow that puts on its best performance in the glow of something that burns hot like my soul. Enticing like young Medusa will make anyone bend the knee, strong as Athena, will defend its own. Like Prometheus will take a risk to help others, just to find the cursed eagle in the bottom of the glass. Another evening has come to pass dreaming of running together barefoot through the grass. Similar to little Mary quite contrary, allows the one who is down to enter her secret garden to heal with the power of her will. Being tired I’m searching through my memories for rest, for new reminiscent projections of presuppositions I had about you when I left.

Searching the skylines for words that could set me free, self-doubt keeps the clenched teeth in place and I have seem to lost my voice and you seemed to remain patient, waiting. I’ve spent my life trying to control the future I can’t define. You were my iconoclast telling me to open the sails on the mast and go with the wind. So let’s not talk about our actions in past but future tense and nor like they happened on accident.

After every storm comes the silence, take it how you will, miss me in that silence after being swept away or wait for the quiet after your treasures are destroyed. I’ll be here waiting dressed in the positive as I’m tired of the worlds ugliness that I hide inside me. I will abide in your abode then abscond, flout morality, reminisce and wait for storm or lonely silence. Only to see, the smile that fuels a thousand of moments.

Magic is real

It is time to get out of the stagnation and write something short as I am tired of having my head full of ideas while I work, and having no time or will to write when I get home. My last post was the Liebster Award and I admit I am slightly disappointed that none of the 11 people nominated has answered since I was curious how people would answer my questions. Of course, participation is optional and they have time so I can’t complain I guess. So how to break a dry spell? how about magic.

If you don’t believe in magic I implore you to read on, I will show you something in a different light. If you were ever interested in magic you either played games, watched movies or read books, thus you know there are many types of magic out there. Don’t go looking for your wand, this won’t get you a pass to Hogwarts, It is simple and I guess you can call it old school. Depending on what sources you were raised on you will classify it an adequate school yourself. This spell affects the targets thought, mood, and general behaviour drastically unless they are of course somehow immune to the spell.

Just like the ancient Slavic monster hunters from the regions of nowdays Poland (The Witchers) you can learn to cast the spell with just your hand. A quick movement of your wrist with correct finger placement and it’s ready. For the best results, you should be in the targets line of sight. The hand movement on its own yields weak results, but you can improve it with a special incantation. Simplest incantation consists of only 2 words, increasing the length of the incantation increases the results respectively. I know you are eager to find out how the incantation sounds but I won’t tell you, why? because it’s magical in its own way, once you form the sign the words will flow themselves, often sounding differently but always adequately to the situation you will find yourself in. If you practice the spell, you will be able to extend the incantation more and more. And if you would like to take it a notch higher why not dual-wield it, yes use two hands.

Now I will tell you what to do. Preferably stand in front of the victim, extend your arm or two forward, depending on the separating distance you might need to raise your arms high. Then form a fist making sure the palm of your hand is facing towards you, next step is to get your middle finger to point towards the sky, at this point the words should flow from your mouth on their own. This spell is certain to have an effect on the target changing its behaviour to aggressive immediately. Don’t believe me? try it on the next person you see and don’t blame me for unwanted results or injuries.


We all often see the ancient symbol which Valknut is but not many people know the meaning of it so let’s clear it up. I also have this symbol tattooed on my forearm and often my friends ask what does it mean but there is never enough time to explain it all to them so I just brush them off with a very vague explanation. For those who don’t even know what it looks like here is a picture which happens to be my tattoo which I got in Rome. Three triangles interlocked together.wp-image-953195084

It is an ancient Nordic symbol which Vikings used to have always with them either on a pendant , a shield or a sword. Valknut comes from old Norse, Varl meaning slain or dead and Knut meaning knot. It is thought that Vikings believed that this symbol will bind them with fellow warriors who have died as well as Odin the All Father of nordic mythology.

Lets get deeper into the mythology and explain the 9 points of the triangles and maybe one day I’ll go deeper into explanations. Each point stands for a world or realm which are unified by the Tree of Yggdrasil. Lets start from the bottom and go in order hopefully.

9. Helheim – World of dishonored dead ruled by goddess Hel.

8. Muspelheim – World of fire and flames filled with lava ruled by fire giant Surtr.

7. Niflheim – Mist world filled with snow and ice protected by dragon Nidhug.

6. Vanaheim – World of Vanir which were the old gods.

5. Jotunheim – World of the giants, it’s believed the whole world was created from the copse of the first ever giant Ymir which was killed by Odin and his brothers Vili and Ve.

4. Midgard – World of the humans, Earth below world of Asgard. Supposedly Odin and his brothers created humans from Ash and Elm tree logs.

3. Savartalfaheim – Home of Dwarfs, Gungir (Odin’s spear) and Mjolnir (Thor’s hammer) were created there.

2. Alfheim – World of Light Elfs which are minor gods or guardian angels and it’s ruled by the god Freyr.

1. Asgard – Home of the Gods ruled by Odin and his wife Frigg. At the gate to Asgard is Hell of Valhalla where many slain Vikings go to in afterlife.

That’s already 10 meanings from one symbol but there is more, It is also believed for Valknut to represent 9 noble virtues. I am not sure if they were intended when creating the symbol are adapted in more modern times nonetheless it is those virtues I like to assign to my tattoo and they are as follows: Courage, Truth, Honor, Fidelity, Discipline, Hospitality, Self Reliance, Industriousness, Perseverance. That brings it together to 19 meanings in one symbol so now you see why it’s not easy to explain in one sentence like everyone expects me to. In modern days the symbol is only used by companies as their logo and most often in tattoos. Side-fact German Football Association uses Valknut as their logo.

Leaning to the side of tattoos I am planing to add more Nordic/Viking symbols or rather runes. You might have seen this design online yet I had to design my own order of it as I did not want all the runes in it as some are negative and while they are embedded in your skin for the rest of your life they might subconsciously influence it. And I will go over them in another post.

That is the stuff I know and if you see I made a mistake anywhere please point it out and if you would like me to go in-depth into anything above let me know in the comment and give me something to write about.