Stars in the night

The weight we carry on our shoulders brings us to the ground.

Yet bravely we look up in the sky, waiting for the shroud of night.

I am angry at the world and its injustice, yet your voice like a call of sirens calms the sea of emotions.

At the same time, you shake up my private world with excitement.

Our scars like puzzles fit together glued by empathy.

A single confession can flood the eyes of multiple people.

High above the solid ground, we walk on the line hoping not to fall.

So close yet impossible distance apart we play our pre-written parts.

After many talks between venus and mars, I noticed the stars shine brighter when reflecting your eyes.


Tearing, like pages of a notebook filled with secrets not meant for eyes of others.

Audible scream of pages rending the soul, it’s blood imperceptible to the human eye, to your eye.

Hands covered in scarlet ink, miasm of a downfall.

Staining the surroundings evermore to a point where only your private world is filled with clues.

Invisibly visible dystopia triggered by every contention.

A touch of ice no longer grabs attention, indifference masking the eyes of emotion.

Seeking happiness in fleeting moments is indeed fleeting when quicksands take their time.

So let’s grab some tape and restore the broken poems of happiness into one book again.


At night, I am everywhere and nowhere.

Flooding the streets, towns and countries with my essence.

I brush your soft cheeks as you walk through the moonlight.

Unknowingly walking with you avoiding the street lamps.

During the day I hide behind buildings, trees and street curbs.

Peeking around the corners to keep my eyes on you.

Occasionally I sneak inside your house and hide under your bed just to be with you.

Now I have stopped hiding yet you look at me indifferently.

Not bothered to even know my name even though I was always with you.

You think I am just a shadow, but I am something in between.


Saint Anger

Like a volcano I tremble and shake before the steaming hot in saint anger of my long melted core of a soul. Trying to regain, rebuild it and release it, to be able to spread my wings again. Ruled by those above, their unfairness makes me unstable wanting to erupt too often. Yet I know that this would only show I am weak as well I would burn those around me which I don’t intend to.

Keeping this anger on a leash takes great effort and from time to time it hinders pieces of the soul and corrupts your mind to agree with it. So what stops it all? Is it a girl in my heart or something else?

It is in my nature to suppress all the negative. This ball of suppressed emotions black in colour is bigger than my soul, yet I manage to roll it safely along my path but how long before it gets out of control?


I can’t find him lately, for some reason he avoids me.


No particular reason for him to be gone.

Every moment I search for him around the house.

Eyes are heavy and in pain, only he can help.

Distorted visions start to haunt me and yet he is still not here.


Sitting on the bed praying he will be back in a while.

Little hope left of seeing him again, maybe I should seek help somewhere else.

Eexhausted I can bearly move yet can’t close my eyes.

Eever bit of energy drained to conjure him in front of me without luck.

Pills, isn’t there a better solution?

Meaning of life

Sometimes I wake up early to listen to the sunrise, and if you only knew how much the sun needs you to brighten up the day you’d be surprised.

Sometimes I wake up early to listen to the sunrise waiting for the sun to give me food for thought because I feel anorexic.

Sometimes i wake up early to listen to the sunrise and in the noise of the morning it said to me stay away from the lonely nights as you should know that silence like a cancer grows.

Sometimes I listen to the sunrise and one time it told me the meaning of life and I want to share it with you so I wrote it on a letter and I’m setting fire to it hopefully you can read the smoke.