Cookie. part 3

“Are you saying that someone or something was in my house and killed a random cat with heavy furniture? at what point does that even start to make sense?” Asked baffled Cookie.

“I prefer that option than imagining you doing it” replied David with concern still on his face. “I could call it in and try to make it an official case, check for finger prints or some other evidence, even call for observation or even set up a trap” continued the officer.

Hearing that, Cookie realized that he is more handsome than smart as it didn’t sound very professional of him. She needed a break from all the weird shit, knowing that David isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed, Cookie decided to play the situation to her benefit.

“How about we solve this ourselves? Tonight be my detective, you will have your observation station in my bedroom, maybe you can even use those handcuffs.” said Cookie with an alluring voice.

At this point Cookie wasn’t sure if she should be surprised that this line worked and if his intelligence was a turn on, or a turn off. But when she noticed the fabric of his uniform trousers being stretched rapidly just after saying that, she didn’t concern herself with these thoughts anymore.

Unsure what she is doing Cookie grabbed David by the belt to pull him in close for a kiss, lips connected and soon the tongues danced around each other. Since her hands were already on the belt she started undoing it, brushing her hand against his erection while removing the belt made Cookie go wild inside. She handed him the belt and playfully said “You’ll need that ” and she turned around and made her way to the bedroom leaving the officer in disbelief.

Soon enough all fabrics were on the floor and rivers of ecstasy flowed through the bed. First phone calls from Richie didn’t bother them at all, yet after the fifth, it began ruining the mood. To put an effective stop to it they decided to answer making sure to turn on the video chat. To Cookies surprise seeing herself on the screen with David behind her and Richie in shock made her climax, he quickly disconnected.

After the rivers of ecstasy stopped flowing they laid there in bed still tangled into each other, almost dosing off to the rhythmic tapping on the window. Before Cookies eyelids got too heavy for her she decided to take a long shower after this crazy day. Since she didn’t have anything on Cookie just grabbed a towel and made her way to the bathroom, looking back she noticed the officer smiling at the view.

Cookie pulled the curtain and hot water began relaxing her muscles, she enjoyed the sensation while pondering what is better, hot showers or sex? It’s even in her opinion. Taking her away from the thoughts was the sound of the doors opening. “Didn’t have enough, stud?” she asked but met no reply.

She could see his shadow through the curtain, but for some reason, he seemed taller, thinner, and his arms too long reaching his knees. Heartbeat started rising but rational thinking was saying it’s just the trick of the light. As he moved closer to the right, that explanation began withering away. Then a new thought came to her, he is trying to scare her, but if she jumps out first she will scare him instead. Cookie moved to the left side of the curtain so she doesn’t jump straight into him. As it turned out they made the same move at the same time, with the only difference that she noticed a shining grey tail slipping behind the curtain.

Author: Bartek D

Starting my first blog Penumbra. Read the introduction in the beginning to find out whats it all about and who am I.

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